Sep 23, 2001
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DemoLinux official FINAL BETA

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Dernière version beta officielle de Demolinux 3.0 disponible…

Dear all,

after a long wait, here comes the official last beta

of DemoLinux 3.0, that you can download right now from

If no significant bug report comes in during the next week,

this will also become the final release.

Notice that we provide ISO images with an US StarOffice in

sizes that fit 650 or 700Mb CD-R, as well as ISO images

with Spanish or French StarOffice that require 700Mb CD-R.

Please feel free to announce this beta (as BETA, not as

FINAL), where you feel best appropriate.

The DemoLinux team.

Url: Article complet

Url: Demolinux 3.0 (Last Beta)



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