Sep 30, 2003
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Enhance Ant with XSL Transformations. Real-World Examples of Ant’s Power and Fle

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Ant is a Java-based build tool from the Jakarta project at the Apache
Software Foundation. It has become a de facto standard for building
Java projects. Ant scripts derive their structure, along with much of
their ease of use, from XML. Also, because Ant scripts are XML, they
can be parsed, modified, generated, or otherwise transformed
programatically using eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
(XSLT). You can even invoke the stylesheet processor from an Ant task.
This article focuses on three examples, each illustrating some problem
the author encountered in real work. In each case, he demonstrates a
solution based on combining a base Ant script with one or more XSL
stylesheets. XSLT adds flexibility to what would otherwise be a static

Jim Creasman, IBM developerWorks
See also Apache Ant Project:


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