You know I couldn’t resist covering this story. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer picked up his glove and slapped Linux across the face in a speech given at an industry conference thrown by…who else, Gartner?

In his speech, he said some peculiar things about security:

« Ballmer … disputed the notion that open-source code is more secure than Windows. ‘The data doesn’t jibe with that. In the first 150 days after the release of Windows 2000, there were 17 critical vulnerabilities. For Windows Server 2003 there were four. For Red Hat (Linux) 6, they were five to ten times higher,’ he said.

« ‘The vulnerabilities are there. The fact that someone in China in the middle of the night patched it–there is nothing that says integrity will come out of that process. We have a process that will lead to sustainable level of quality. Not saying we are the cat’s meow here–I’m saying it is absolutely not good reasoning to think you will get better quality out of Linux.' »

Ballmer’s being a naughty boy again. China indeed. « In the middle of the night. » Trying to frighten the children with overtones. And playing with numbers. What year is it again? Red Hat 6? Pardon me for pointing it out, but they are up to 9 now. He’s choosing a 150-day period from back in the day — and I wonder how long it took to pick the best segment of time to use — and using that for comparison? There is a lot that can be said about this, but it’s not really necessary to do any research on this sad subject, I don’t think. Everyone on a Windows box just went through the worst summer and fall of security issues of all time. They already know he’s just …well, what would be the precise word here? You hate to say lying. It’s so cold.

However, let’s do a little research, just for fun.

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