Le Parlement européen postposerait encore le débat sur le brevet logiciel ?

Enemies of OSS : European Patent Vote is Delayed Again

The European Parliament vote on the issue of software patents has been postponed yet again. There has been no reason given for this. The decision to postpone the vote comes hot on the heels of several recent protests on the Internet and in the streets of Belgium. Criticism of the proposal to adopt US style patenting laws for software in Europe has been growing exponentially in recent days and weeks.

It is the opinion of this author that the postponement of the vote (which has already been postponed once) is a tactic designed to try and throw opponents of the destructive law off the scent. In no way should this postponement be allowed to affect the resolve of those who value freedom and the rights of the author to their own copyright. In contrast, the extra time now available should be used to spread the word about the issue of software patents, making as many people as possible aware of the situation. We should take heart. It is obvious that those in the European parliament who oppose this freedom are now running scared. Keep writing to your EU representative, sign petitions, make other people aware on online bulletin boards and forums of this important issue. When the vote is finally held, it looks as though public opinion may well be the deciding factor. If the public are caught napping, then the vote may very well slip in through the back door in the dead of night.

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