Sep 30, 2003
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James Clark Unveils a New XML Mode for GNU Emacs

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James Clark has announced the alpha release of nXML, a new mode for
editing XML documents from within GNU Emacs. It’s a milestone in that
it’s the first open-source editing application to enable context-
sensitive validated editing against Relax NG schemas. It also provides
a clever mechanism for real-time, automatic visual identification of
validity errors, along with flexible syntax-highlighting and indenting
capabilities. The real-time validation feature is similar to a
feature in the Topologi Collaborative Markup Editor, a relatively new
commercial application that takes a number of novel approaches to XML
editing. The Emacs/nXML implementation works like this: As you are
editing a document, nXML does background re-parsing and re-validating
of the document in the idle periods between the times when you are
actually typing in content. It visually highlights all instances of
invalidity it finds in the document. If you then mouse over one of the
invalidity-highlighted points in the document, popup text appears
describing the validity error.

Michael Smith, XMLHack
See also on Relax NG:


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