Août 19, 2003
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SCO planning to press on with lawsuits

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SCO planning to press on with lawsuits
Barbara Gengler
August 19, 2003

THE SCO Group, which reported a profit for the third fiscal quarter, says it had enough cash flow to continue its lawsuits over intellectual property.

Earlier in the week, SCO revealed one of the Fortune 500 — the world’s largest companies — had signed its controversial intellectual property licenses. SCO declined to divulge the name of the licensee.

SCO mentioned confidentiality clauses in the licence as the reason why it could not disclose the buyer or the terms of the deal. A licence was purchased for each of the Linux servers used by the business.

“We have had more than 300 companies in the first four business days of this program contact SCO to inquire about SCO’s Intellectual Property Licence for Linux,” SCOsource senior vice-president and general manager Chris Sontag said.

SCO says its third-quarter revenue growth was $US20.1 million ($35.5 million) — up from $US15.4 million a year earlier, and within range of its announced target.


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