Mai 31, 2003
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Que se passerait t-il si SCO gagne son procès ?

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What if SCO wins?

By John Carroll
Special to ZDNet
May 27, 2003, 5:20 AM PT

COMMENTARY–I was all set to do another article on .NET, but the media turbulence surrounding SCO’s recent raising of the stakes in its apparent battle with the entire Linux world scotched that idea (it’ll appear at a later date, an event I’m sure all of you will await with bated breath).

The SCO suit isn’t the first legal challenge of an open source product by supposed owners of intellectual property used therein, but it is arguably the most important one. Linux is rapidly becoming the center of the Unix programming domain, and the number of companies adopting Linux and/or developing products for the platform grows by the day. Billions of dollars are at stake, as an entire industry has arisen around an operating system that seemingly came from nowhere to challenge the business models of proprietary companies, Unix-based or otherwise.

The merits, or lack thereof, of this case have been analyzed to death by a number of people. So, let’s ignore all the legal splitting of hairs and peer a few years into the future. We all know what would happen if SCO loses. What would happen, however, if SCO won?


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