Nov 5, 2003
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Novell achète SuSE !!!

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Novell Buys SuSE Linux
Tuesday 4th November 2003

The world of Open Source Software is today coming to grips with one of the most significant moves that this rapidly evolving area of IT has yet witnessed. Subject to the usual regulatory approvals, Novell will pay some $210 million in cash for SuSE and expects the deal to close by January 2004.

Novell has traditionally excelled in providing secure identity management, Web application development and cross-platform networking services but has been moving very aggressively into the Linux market over the last year or so. The acquisition of SuSE follows hot on the heals of the company’s August purchase of Ximian, best known for its sophisticated Linux desktop solutions. SuSE, from its headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany, has established itself as the main challenger to Red Hat for recognition as the leading supplier of Linux solutions for midsize to large companies with the high-availability and scalability required for mission-critical operations. In the summer SuSE launched its latest offerings that focussed on making Linux simpler to manage on both servers and desktops.


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