Avr 8, 2002
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On ProxyTunnel

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Most of us have come across the following situation: you are working at your employer or at a customer location, and the local penny pinchers have decided that Internet access should be limited to sending mail (but only if it comes from the standard Exchange or Notes servers) and surfing the web. Other types of Internet access (telnet, FTP, SSH, POP, IMAP, SMTP) are usually completely out of the question for reasons which kind of elude me most of the time, even when there is a clear business case for that access to be allowed. And even when we are restricted to web browsing, more often than not that facility is limited to the « bare bones ». Downloading executables or binary archives (tar, zip, gzip et cetera) is usually not allowed (which makes downloading software and patches for official company projects rather difficult).

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