Le Lundi 2 Avril à 14h30, Richard Stallman présentera une conférence sur le thème « Free Software, Freedom, Globalization and Development », dans l’Auditoire Multimédia du Département ICT (Sterre S9):
Campus Sterre, Krijgslaan 281, Building S9, 9000, Gand .

Résumé de la conférence: « Richard Stallman will speak about the goals and philosophy of the Free Software Movement. Because free software respects users’ freedom, free software technology can be maintained, adapted, and extended by people anywhere. Whereas use of proprietary software imposes dependency, use of free software is development. As many free programs are used in 100 countries, and have developers on six continents, free software exemplifies the globalization of cooperation in use of human knowledge, which is as beneficent as the globalization of business power is harmful. (R. Stallman) »

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