Avr 5, 2002
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BZFlag: 3D Tank Shoot ‘Em Up That Deserves Attention Part 1

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Have you ever been walking down the street, minding your own business, and suddenly look down to find something you hadn’t expected? It might be money, it might be a decoder ring, it could be anything. But the almost universal reaction is pleasurable.

That’s a nice surprise » you think as you stoop and pocket whatever good fortune has dropped in your path.

The same thing can happen in the strangest places. For example, a recent post on our message boards inquired

« What’s your favorite flag in bzflag? ».

Not being familiar with the game, I had to ask « What’s bzflag? »

Little did I know that such an innocent inquiry would result in an almost indecent obsession with a very cool game.

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Site : linuxorbit.com

Site : bzflag homepage


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