Mai 31, 2003
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Linus Torvalds: la 2.5.70 préfigure la 2.6 !

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Linus Torvalds : Linux 2.5.70
May 27, 2003, 02 :35 UTC (8 Talkback[s]) (10145 reads)

Full Changelog

there’s been too much delay between 69 and 70, but I was hoping to make 70 the last « Linus only » release before getting together with Andrew and figuring out how to start the « pre-2.6 » series and more of a code slush.

Whatever. The end result is a pretty big patch, although a lot of it is due to fairly minor patches. But it’s a _lot_ of fairly minor patches, as can be seen from the changelog (also, the acorn drivers got moved around, which always makes for big patches).


Summary of changes from v2.5.69 to v2.5.70 :


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